Miramar California Westin Hotel

The SureStay Hotel Diego Pacific Beach is pet friendly and pets can enjoy a 40-acre walking path. The hotel restaurant has a pet-friendly terrace and all restaurants are pet friendly.

Four-legged guests can also visit the nearby Petco Park, which will be open during the day when the games take place and will be open all day.

There is a shared, fenced-in bathroom with dog walking area, located next to the main entrance of the hotel, and a pet-friendly area for dogs and cats. Around the block there is a lawn but no fence, and there is no dog park, only an open space with lawn and benches for pets. Garbage bags are available in front of the building and pet food, water, litter, toys and other items are also available in the parking lot and on the ground floor.

Pets and bowls are available, and pet owners will receive a treat bowl and bed upon check-in. A park is a 7-minute walk from the hotel, but there is no designated area for pets. There is a lawn in front of the hotel, a parking lot and benches for dogs and cats on the ground floor, as well as an open space with benches.

Pets are not allowed unattended at the hotel unless a contact number is provided at the reception. Dogs and cats are allowed on the ground floor of the Miramar California Westin Hotel, but pets are only allowed in rooms with a pet sign in front of them. Pets are only allowed in a room with a sign "Pet room" near the door, and a well-behaved pet may leave the room unattended. Dogs and cats are not allowed outside the lobby or in other rooms at Miramar California Western Hotel.

This is determined by the individual host of the Airbnb accommodation, so please contact the host and read the house rules in your listing.

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Guests with pets must book a room with the description "Pet Friendly" and call 877 - 788 - 5555 to check the availability of a pet-friendly room. If guests without pets are unable to check in with their pet, they may pay a $5,000 cancellation fee for each additional day of travel without a pet-friendly room when the pet is removed from the room. Guests with dogs or other pets in their hotel rooms will be checked in - without pets and without cancellations or penalties related to pets, guests with pets in the hotel room or in any other room in your hotel, you can not cause cancellation or penalty.

If you believe this has happened, please contact us immediately by calling the number on the back of your card. You can also cancel your reservation and rebook on amextravel.com or call us at 877 - 788 - 5555 for more information about our online booking service.

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More About Miramar